Dairy Value Chain Approach (DVC)

Agriculture and allied activities are primary source of income for almost all the working villages of REAL. With an intention of improving the income of the participating communities, REAL fortunately gained a project from District Planning Office, Cuddalore titled ‘Dairy Value Chain or DVC.

DVC project aims at substantially increasing the number of milch animals in KattumannarKoil block. This project is being supported under State Balance Growth Fund (Govt. of TN) through Department of Animal Husbandry, Cuddalore.

The key accomplishments of the project include;

  • Awareness Training on milch animal rearing, feed,and fodder had been given to a total of 800 beneficiaries.
  • Paravets training has been imparted to 20 beneficiaries
  • Total of 19 Milk Collection Centres established at village level against the target of an average of 1,000 litres of milk has been collected from these sale points every day.
  • 10 more beneficiaries were selected and provided fund support for establishment of fodder plot and feed shop.
  • The milk storage container had been distributed to 5 milk collection centres
  • The milk analysers along with stirrer, data processing unit and weighing scale have been installed in one of the milk collection centre and functional.
  • Total of 800 milch animals were purchased and insured

The beneficiaries realizing increased incomes through improved animal husbandry practices and enhanced access to services and market, where the intensity of the issue of poverty is higher.