Housing Programme2

I live in Marakkanam village with my 3 children (Vinayagam aged 12 years, Kala aged 10 years and Raghul aged 7 years) and my husband works as a wood cutter.

Our family had been living in a thatched roof house over the past 15 years. It was very difficult to pass the monsoon season every year and many a times I have dreamt of being able to build a RCC roof house however our meager income was only enough to take care of our monthly household expenses and for the education of our three children. It was a great opportunity for me when I cam e to know about the low cost housing scheme from REAL and immediately tried to apply for it. Today I own a small permanent house which provides me shelter from the vagaries of nature and a safe and clean environment for my children to grow. On behalf of my family I am indebted to express my sincere thanks to the team of REAL and  to DESWOS who have generously supported us with a grant to construct our dream house.