In REAL organization we are providing support to different areas and projects. With the aim of letting everyone feel closer and more active with the movement going on, we prefer to let each person choose the project on the field they want to support.

  • Sponsor the monthly salary for the teacher organizing tuition classes in the evenings @ Rs.3000/- per staff.
  • Vocational Skill Training for 25 youths on four wheeler training course – Rs.5000/- per youth.
  • Provide care and assistance support for a very poor children who lives below poverty line for education scholarship @ Rs.10000/- per year.
  • Provide Income generation support for the deprived women @ Rs.15000/- for involving in the successful trade.
  • Provide housing support for the low income families @ Rs.40000/- towards the construction of pucca houses to safeguard from disaster.
  • Provide capacity building training for the farmers @ Rs.15000/- per programme at village level to implement organic practices.
  • Provide health education and trainings for the women members in the rural villages @ Rs.10000/- per programme
  • Support for organizing free medical camps or eye camps @ Rs.25000/- by linking up with hospitals and medical institutions.
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