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Schools in Rural India have toilet and water facilities. But the issue is whether it is maintained, adequate and access. The lack of running water facilities in the toilet block let to non-functionality of these toilet blocks. Hand pumps are the main water supply sources and the water supply is without treatment in most of the schools. Focusing this need, REAL has developed and submitted the proposal to NABFINS for school WASH project through recent call for proposals. The current project supported in the construction of toilet and water purifiers in 3 schools

  1. Panchayat Union Primary School, Madhanagopalapuram
  2. Panchayat Union Middle School, Kodukkanpalayam
  3. Panchayat Union Primary School S.Puthur

All the proposed schools have been supported with the construction of new toilets, renovation of boys toilet with the specifications – Plinth area 280sq.ft R.C.C roof toilet building completed, Execution of earth work for six columns, supply and filling under the column foundation with basement work completed, Grade beam drunch work, 9 inch wall brick work, R.C.C Roof slab work, Plastering work of inner and outer, Providing & fixing ceramic tiles including brickwork for 2 Boys toilet and 4 Girls toilet, fixing for 8 steel door, All-round parapet wall with roof top plastering work, Providing for Hand wash facilities., Provision for water supplying arrangement and sanitary water line pipe work completed, Plastic emulsion painting two coats over premium, Provision for electrical all arrangement work completed, constructing of leach pit & septic tank and IEC work completed. Also, Installation of RO Water (100 LPH  Conway RO Water Purifier with Storage Tank) is installed.

The proposed project was successfully completed and necessary infrastructured handed over to the school management and community members. The project also focussed on building awareness of the key stakeholders including the children of the Environmental Clubs, parents and community leaders of the SMCs, and teachers in three schools of project villages.

Key Milestones of the project:

  • Construction of School Toilets and RO Water Facilities promoted in 3 rural schools.
  • 447 children in the targeted 3 schools have improved access to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities with enhanced hygienic practices.

The school management, panchayat and school children sincerely share their gratitude to all those who were instrumental in providing the new toilets and RO filters.

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